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Steve Zikman is an experienced educator and a natural teacher who has coached individuals for over 20 years. His approach as a bar tutor is to help students build their level of confidence and achieve their goal of passing the bar exam.  As your strategic coach and nurturing bar tutor, I will guide you along the inevitable bumps and challenges on the road to successfully becoming a California Esq.  

Our coaching programs are designed to help you succeed on all 3 sections of the California Bar Exam: Essays, Performance Tests (PTs) and MBEs. You can create a personalized course for any combination of the three sections to suit your particular needs and budget; for example, enroll for a package of 25 Essays, 6 PTs & 5 Hours MBEs. No matter which package you choose, you always get 1-on-1, in-depth, line-by-line reviews of each essay or performance test AND subsequent revisions via telephone conversations, not boilerplate written feedback.

In the words of one of his past students (Jane K.), Steve is not just a tutor for the bar exam; he is a coach. While other bar prep courses return practice essays with a mark and some vague comments, Steve's program includes constructive criticism along with specific guidance to show you how to improve your exam-writing skills. There is no cookie-cutter feedback; your work is evaluated line by line, and discussed with you one-on-one.  Our experience tutoring students for the bar exam has shown us that effective preparation requires an 'open book' approach to doing the essays. Requiring students to spend their energy on early memorization slows down the learning process and hinders their ability to make the critical changes that are needed to pass the exam. Of course memorization is important for the exam itself; however, for the purposes of exam prep, we prefer to see what you can do with the law when you have it at your fingertips.  

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Steve is nurturing, caring and non-judgmental in his approach. He keeps you on track while focusing on your strengths and fixing your weaknesses. We just want you to pass the exam and look forward to helping you find the most effective strategy for achieving that goal.

To help you, and us, better understand your strengths and weaknesses, we offer a program option to review your previous bar exam results. This process will help you see the improvement in your writing, and bolster your confidence going into the exam.  As an environmental attorney, mediator and administrative judge, a bestselling author and award-winning editor, Steve Zikman brings many skills and a proven track record to his work as a tutor for the California bar exam.   

The 1-on-1 tutoring & coaching program of The Strategic Bar Coach™ is an investment in your future. Whatever challenges you are facing, we know that the solutions lie in meeting your specific needs. Our preparation course will be customized to meet your individual needs and budget.

We offer a broad range of program options to suit your needs and budget. Please contact us at 626-441-0011 for pricing details on our tutoring packages.  After his second unsuccessful attempt to pass the California bar, Steve took a new approach to the problem, and in the process, developed a highly effective winning strategy that helped him "slay the dragon". As your strategic coach and nurturing tutor, he can help you, too, to get your name on the 'Pass List'.  

To sign up for a custom course of bar prep tutoring - to make your next CA bar exam your last - please call 626-441-0011, or email us at

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